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Fiji-made products

Nama of Fiji

Nama of Fiji, pure hydration is all natural & does not contain any synthetic fragrance or parabens. This premium facial range contains organic Nama sea grapes from the Pristine Blue Lagoon waters of Yasawa Islands, Fiji.

Nama Sea Grapes provide the ultimate level of hydration plumping the cells and minimizing fine lines. Suitable for all skin types, Nama also reduces diffused redness and calms Rosacea. An alternative hydration to Hyaluronic Acid, however in the purest organic form.

Essence of Fiji Natural Face & Body Care

Essence of Fiji captures the Pacific way of restoring youthful appearance, skin radiance, rejuvenation & wellbeing. Using Fiji’s locally sourced marine & plant extracts with beneficial & healing properties, we offer an extensive spa range of face & body care products for homecare.

Product Ranges:

  • Papaya –  Rejuvenate, Regenerate Nourish
  • Sea Mineral – Hydrate, Restore, Rebalance, Purify
  • Coconut – Lavish, Luxurious, Enriched, Softening
  • Frangipani – Exotic, Scented, Moisturizing
  • Pedicare- Renew, Restore, Nourish
  • Petspa – Soothe, Calm, Cleanse

Hotglass Fiji

Hot Glass Fiji is Fiji’s one and only glassblowing studio. Based in Korotogo on the Coral Coast, glassblower Alice Hill creates handblown glass pieces that are inspired by the stunning colours of Fiji; the blues of sea and sky, the ever changing sparkling waters of sandy lagoons , the lush tropical greenery, the vivid colours of fish, birds and flowers and the stunning beauty of the sunsets. Other ranges include elements from Fiji’s culture and traditional handicrafts – natural fibres such as magi magi rope, tapa designs and coconut bark . These pieces are a unique ‘Fiji Made’ souvenir of Fiji. Many of Hot Glass Fiji stunning pieces can be viewed on line in the ebrochure and you can like their popular facebook page for photos and updates of new pieces and studio news.

Coconut Kids Fiji

Coconut Kids Fiji was founded in 2011 by Ms.Mala Chawda, a Australian-trained, award winning fashion designer who left glamour for an experiment in bringing delight to Children – an experiment that has thus far proved successful. What started as a one woman venture now employs a number of machinists and crafts persons producing Fijian dolls, Children’s wear & accessories, and stuffed toys and pillows. Mala’s products are produced in a deliberately-small immaculate bright workshop in a cottage industry type set up in Nadi, Fiji. Going against the grain, the production is not intended to grow into mass production but to capture a niche market in the local and tourist markets and slowly expanding into exports.The focus is to give a personal touch laced with warmth and love for every piece made by Mala.

Adi Chocolate

Adi Chocolate Fiji, world’s purest artisan chocolate factory is on the South Pacific Islands of Fiji. Adi Chocolate Fiji is owned by Easy in Fiji Limited founded by two Japanese entrepreneurs, Tomohito Zukoshi and Harumi Zukoshi, in 2005 developed Adi Chocolate Fiji to bring chocolate seeds of happiness to the world from Fiji. Our primary goal is to ensure that we bring the world’s finest quality chocolate to our customers. We work hard to select only the highest quality untouched ingredients for our chocolate. We then produce our chocolate in small batches from the cacao pods by hand to ensure we maintain the maximum flavor profile to deliver a complex yet enjoyable flavor of the dark chocolates.

Taki Mai

An honors student, named Zane, spent every day after school, around the Tanoa (a big kava bowl) passing half-coconut shells of kava, with his friends. While Zane saw the popularity of energy shots, he wondered about the opposite –– getting calm. His dream was to share kava with everyone. He named his new kava shot Taki Mai, which, in Fiji, means “Serve me now.” We built specially-designed kava farms in Fiji, and hired local, indigenous Fijians with the experience and knowledge to grow the highest quality kava. Our kava farms are run ethically and sustainably. We provide our Fijian farmers with steady income and add to community development. We wanted to do the right thing for Fiji. We take out our Tanoa bowl, mix up the kava and sit in a circle, sharing stories and building friendships. We look at it this way –– kava bonds people and our entire society.