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School Policies & Procedures




  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  • 2 x current passport-sized photo
  • Deposit (confirmation of placement)


The Academy will ascertain that throughout the process of selection and admission, applicants are treated reasonably, considerately and promptly.

 Selection requirements include:

  • Good health
  • Demonstrate a caring patient nature
  • Have a strong interest in beauty therapy
  • Be very well groomed
  • Form 5 pass with good command of verbal and written English for Certificate levels.
  • Form 6 pass with good command of verbal and written English for advanced levels.

Face to Face interviews of all applicants are done at the Academy by tutors. Successful applicants who meet the entry requirements will sign off contracts confirming their place in the chosen course.To enroll, prospective students are required to complete and submit the application form which is available at the Academy or on the Academy’s website. Applications may be hand delivered or submitted by post or online.


Each student is interviewed by the Tutors preceding course commencement to discuss the course in general and to question the student on her education requirements as well as on any aspects the student may have that could influence progress.

Students are required to stipulate any special needs [e.g. visual impairment, hearing problems

etc] before undertaking of the course so that the Academy can make any necessary alterations to the student’s training and assessment approach.

Interview discussions will feature the following:

Education history

  • Current competencies related to the present course
  • Any disabilities
  • Language, literacy and numeracy levels should be adequate with the course requirements
  • Any matters the student may wish to raise related to course participation and completion of course
  •  Any other matters the Tutors think relevant to the student’s needs in relation to the chosen course.
  • Tutors and assessors are made aware of the student’s needs which are recorded on the student’s personal file.



  • $650 deposit required upon confirmation of course enrollment.
  • Fees payable in advance prior to semester commencement.
  • All tuition fees will be invoiced prior to year and semester commencement.
  • Invoicing for tuition and uniform and textbooks will be done separatel
  • Full payment or Monthly/Term installments accepted for the courses more than 3 months.
  • Full Payment prior to course commencement for courses less than 3 months.


The Academy considers it a commitment by the student to finish the course once she has paid a deposit or made full payment for it. All refund applications must be discussed with the Principal. A student is welcome to complete their training within the next two (2) years without any fee increase, if they take leave of absence for sickness/accident.

These students will have priority placement in ensuing courses. A Deferment Request Form must be Completed by the student and accepted by the Principal for this policy to be effective.

In the case of sickness/accident, misfortune, (appropriate documentation required) the following

Refund policy applies:

  • If a student withdraws 4 weeks or more prior to course commencement, a full refund less the FJD$500.00 non-refundable enrollment deposit will apply
  • If a student withdraws 4 weeks or less prior to course commencement, or after course commencement, then a refund will be paid, less the FJD$500.00 non-refundable enrolment deposit, less FJD$500.00 cancellation fee, less $250 for each week of semester till date of withdrawa
  • No refund is payable, and remainder of fees owing are also immediately payable, should a student be dismissed from The Academy for improper behavior, harassment of other students, truancy or any other reasons seen fit by the Principal.


  • Invoicing for tuition and uniform and textbooks will be done separatel
  • All students must be in proper school uniform during school hours
  • Uniform is compulsory and must be organized prior to year commencement. Students must pay uniform fee to the Academy and place orders.
  • Uniforms for short courses will be same. Students can buy uniform & upon returned in good condition, 50% of the amount will be refunded.
  • 2 Pairs required:  i) Academy x1 ii) Spa Practical x1
  • ID card needs to be purchased and $50 replacement fee will apply for reissue.


  • 2 Lecture pads, 1 File & writing materials


Students must be regular and punctual for all classes

  1. All students must be in school 15 minutes before lessons begin. Late arrival should be notified to the tutors before 8.30am.
  2. Lessons will commence at 9.00am sharp and in fairness to other students will not be delaye
  3. If a student needs to leave for any reason during the day, the tutor must be advised for safety and well-being reasons. Written authorization by parents / guardians must be given which the tutors will verify. Student Leave
    request form MUST be filled out accompanying a written letter.
  4. On practical days, students are expected to arrive 30 mins prior to commencement.


  • A medical certificate from a government hospital or written applications for exemption are the only accepted reasons for absence.
  • Principal and parents will be informed or called in for discussion for poor attendance.
  • An absentee hour has to be made in classroom hours (extra hours, recess and lunch) to be eligible to sit for exams.
  • For unjustified absenteeism of more than 8 days, the Academy reserves the right to downgrade the qualification levels or expel the student.


All programs involves 5 full days a week in face-to-face teaching. Structured workplace learning is a very significant part of our training program as it prepares students to enter workplace situations assertively and professionally and with knowledge of what is obligatory of them in a work environment.

Students gain invaluable experience performing treatments on clients and also gain experience in all aspects of salon management, including appointment taking, work planning, money balancing and stock control that they are not able to practice otherwise. Students must remember at all times to behave as staff members on extended workplace training days.


International Student Enrollment