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We pride ourselves on working closely with local villages in the Yasawa region to harvest extracts for our skincare products. Therefore providing much needed revenue & village enterprise.


This premium facial range contains organic sea grapes from the Pristine Blue Lagoon waters of Fiji. Nama Sea Grapes; a sustainable food source, is a healthy popular dish eaten in many households in Fiji. Harvesting of these beneficial seagrapes for the Nama of Fiji skincare range, adds another valuable commodity to the village families of Fiji.

Nama farming (images be James Cook University Australia)

“I didn’t know that this small nama can be used to make skin care products. I think
it’s very good that nama can also be used for other purposes,” Senikaile
Silibaravi, Nama harvester, Yasawa. Image by: Market Development Facility

Additional Extract Harvesting

Villagers harvesting Coconut Oil & ground Coconut Shells used in our skincare ranges.

Harvesting of seaweed used in Essence of Fiji sea mineral range.