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Nama Fusion

Health food products made with Organic Sea Grapes LEARN MORE


  • A Natural Flavor Enhancer
  • Lower sodium content than other commercial salts
  • Great Source of Fiber & Iodine
  • Maintains Blood Pressure
  • Stabilizes Sugar Levels
  • Strengthen Eyesight & Memory
  • Inner Cleansing
  • Prevents Constipation & Obesity

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Nama Seasoning Flakes

A garnish for flavoring your food. Add to meat, seafood, salads & salad dressings prior to serving

Nama Sea Salt

A natural flavor enhancer for your food. With 1/3 of the sodium content than other commercial salts, Nama Fusion Sea Salt makes the ideal salt additive for your food. Add to food as per taste.


Nama & Coconut Chocolate  

A fusion of rich dark cacao (55%) with organic Sea Grapes & Coconut. A blend of salty & sweet decadent flavors of the Pacific.


Nama Detox Tea Bags.

Organic Nama tea infused with ginger & Lemongrass. Aids in elimination. Add honey to taste (optional).