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Certificate Courses in Massage Therapy

In our last post, we mentioned Spa Academy Fiji’s Intensive 2-week Massage course, based on Certificate in Massage Therapy Level 3. Here we introduce you to our Trainer Paulini, who specialises in Certificate Courses in Massage Therapy. We also interviewed 3 students who took part in the Ministry of Youth and Sports fully-funded course here at Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre. Meet the Trainer and the Students below.

Meet the Trainer

Paulini Tagilala Qalova

Paulini is a graduate from Spa Academy Fiji, graduating in 2006 after completing her Advanced Diploma in Beauty & Spa Therapy. After graduating, Paulini was hired by Senikai Spas Fiji, where she worked for nine years.

Paulini started with Senikai Spas Fiji as a Spa Therapist; she was quickly promoted to Spa Manager for 6 years, and then promoted again to Operations Manager for the company, a role she carried out for 3 years.

In 2016, Paulini joined the Essence of Fiji Group as an Operations Manager and Spa Academy Fiji Trainer. Paulini has a wealth of Spa Tourism experience, which makes her an excellent Trainer for our Certificate Courses in Massage Therapy.

Intensive Massage Therapy Course

In the 2-week Intensive Massage Therapy Course run for Ministry of Youth & Sports, Paulini split her time between theory and practical sessions, teaching students techniques in Swedish Neuromuscular and Shiatsu massage. Swedish Neuromuscular techniques are used to carry out a full body massage, Shiatsu techniques focus on pressure points and how to use them effectively in the full body massage.

Students receive their Certificate in Massage Therapy upon successful completion of a 3-month workplace attachment placement.

Gallery – Intensive Massage Therapy Course

Meet the Students

Feedback on the course

“It was wonderful, a great course. A lot of hard work and effort was put in by Paulini & Essence of Fiji. The training environment was very nice. I’m thankful to Ministry of Youth & Sports for this collaboration. It develops talent & skills and creates employment”

Semesa Uluiviti

Background – worked in Journalism & Public Relations previously

Interest in Massage

Semesa is a co-ordinator for the Simla Echos Youth & Sports Club in Lautoka, which is how he heard about the Ministry-funded initiative. He was interested in exploring new careers, a new atmosphere of work for youths. Through the course has learnt real massage techniques that can be used to give good massages.

Semesa has always done massages at home on request from relatives. He sees massage as being for:

  • Relaxation
  • Relieve stress
  • Release pressure

Semesa commented that people are very busy with lots of activities, in the village, workplace, functions etc. He’s noticed people at home have high blood pressure, but most people don’t have time for a massage. He said he feels massage gives a magic touch and healing, and really helps to relax people.

Feedback on the course

“I liked the course, I’ve never done massage before, it was a great opportunity. It was only a short time – 2 weeks – I learnt so much and now I’m excited to do my Workplace Attachment with Senikai Spas. If I do well on Attachment, I could get a job right away which is the best part of this!”

Kesaia Lolou Mateo

Background – worked as a Retail Assistant in Brisbane

Interest in Massage

Kesaia was born in Fiji and moved to Brisbane when she was young, going to High School there. She recently moved back to Fiji, where she heard about the course through a friend on Facebook. She hadn’t considered a career in Massage or Spa Tourism before, however when she heard of the opportunity, and that it was fully funded by Ministry of Youth & Sports, she decided to apply for a place.

Kesaia really enjoyed the course, she said the structure was really good because it broke everything down and it wasn’t hard to learn the techniques. She learnt how to do a full body massage, a back massage and the Foot Ritual. Also about the different time slots based on client’s needs, head and neck and shoulder massage.

She said the course taught her what to expect, how to assess and handle different tissues types – skin, muscles, bone, how much or how little pressure to apply, looking at health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Kesaia particularly enjoyed learning about the carrier oils and which ones were best for which skin types/client’s needs.

Feedback on the course

“It was great to meet different people on this course; at the start we didn’t know each other but by the end we were firm friends. I learnt some new massage techniques, the most useful for me was how to pace yourself as a Massage Therapist so that you don’t tire yourself out. Great course by Spa Academy Fiji, thank you!”

Peter Shackley

Background – Chef/Commercial Cooking on container boats

Interest in Massage

Peter has worked as a Chef on container boats in New Zealand, Wallis & Futuna and New Caledonia. Peter is often asked to do massages at family functions for aunties and uncles. He was on a break from work and heard about the course from his neighbour who is a Massage Therapist at Essence of Fiji Group. Peter had been looking into other employment opportunities, so the course came at the perfect time.

His reason to do the course was as a way to get private income in a village setting – there is a demand for massages. The main points Peter learnt on the course was the techniques and learning to pace yourself so that you don’t tire yourself out if you have lots of massage clients.

Peter commented that in other cultures – Sri Lankan, Burmese, Chinese – massages are very common, it’s a way to relax. He learnt about deep tissue massage, carrier oils and different techniques which can help with sports injuries and stress relief.

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