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Fiji Transit Lounge & Spa – Essence Group Fiji

Fiji Transit Lounge & Spa - Essence Group Fiji

All Transit Passes include return transfers, complimentary Wi-Fi, lounge areas, showers, Foot Ritual & Nama Sorbet, movie room with bean bags, luggage storage and showers with amenities. 

Transit Facilities

Refresh, relax and rest whilst in transit in Fiji with a Transit Pass. Transit Passes include return transfers, Wi-Fi, an arrival Foot Ritual & Nama Sorbet and air-conditioned lounge/shower/luggage areas. Our in-house Cafe has a great selection of food and drinks, including our signature Nama Juice, made from Nama Sea Grapes from the Yasawa Islands of Fiji.

If you’d like some pampering, our Spa Menu has many options such as Massages, Float Therapy and Facials. We also have Day rooms that can be booked separately, where you can sleep, enjoy meals and have spa treatments all in the privacy of your own room.

Float Therapy Fiji with Epsom Salts and Nama Sea Grapes

Float Therapy with Nama & Epsom Salts

Float Therapy is a luxurious way to soothe & heal the body from the constant stress of life’s daily pressure. It helps to relax, relieve pain and aid sleep, giving all-round wellness.

Leave the noise & confusion behind while you experience total relaxation & deep healing. Immerse in your very own, private, peaceful space. It is truly the ultimate escape! 1 hour of Float Therapy is equivalent to 8 hours sleep!

Nama Fiji products


We work with ladies in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands to harvest Nama Sea Grapes. Every week we receive a delivery of fresh Nama at our Production Factory in Nadi, where we make our wonderful Nama Fiji Skincare and Holistic Health products.  Nama Sea Grapes have great healing properties, we use the Nama product range in our Float Therapy treatments. 

Benefits of Nama Sea Grapes:

  • Calms Skin Conditions
  • Intercellular & Intracellular skin hydration
  • Anti-fungal Properties
  • Health Products for Detoxification & Inner Cleansing

Nama Sea Grape Harvesting

Want to see how Nama Sea Grapes are harvested in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands? Book yourself on Rosie Living’s Nama Life Tour where you will experience Nama Harvesting, learn all about Nama and the health benefits, have a wonderful lunch featuring Fijian food and a Nama dish, experience a Nama Massage Therapy treatment and more. The Day Trip includes return seaplane from Nadi to Naviti Island – a stunning way to see the beautiful Yasawa Islands as you fly over them. Full details and itinerary are on Rosie Living’s website, as well as their other Wellness Travel Tours.

Our Story

Our company mission focuses on improving the livelihood of rural women by providing employment, revenue and sustainability.

The Centre

Pre & Post Fiji travellers can now Refresh, Relax & Rest whilst in Transit. Located 3 mins from Nadi Airport. Wide variety of services.

Spa Academy

CIDESCO Internationally Certified. Spa Academy Fiji offers training in Beauty Therapy in a spa tourism environment.

Namase Skin & Health

Organic Sea Grapes ‘Namase’ for skin hydration and health food. Harvested from the pristine Blue Lagoon waters of Yasawas in Fiji.

Why Our Clients Love Us


As a rosacea sufferer I had heard about the brand Nama Of Fiji which reduces redness and hydrates the skin. The product has totally reduced my redness dramatically I have been using this product now for 12mths and cannot live without it.




I moved to Fiji & studied at the Spa Academy Fiji in 2010. I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much. Upon completion, I was awarded DUX. After graduating i returned to Australia & worked for some day spas (namely; Endota Spa, Japanese Mountain retreat & Spa). I love this industry and highly recommend the Spa Academy Fiji.




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